Stray Robots

Stray Robots is a set of tools to help build 3D computer vision datasets and models.

It consists of four parts: a command line interface, a 3D data annotation user interface, the Stray Python Library and the Stray Scanner app.

Stray Studio

Stray Studio is an open source tool to annotate 3D vision datasets and point clouds.

Container pose estimation 3D graphical user interface.
3D pallet detection and pose estimation from a point cloud.

Command Line Interface

Compute global point cloud and mesh reconstructions for RGB-D data using the Stray CLI.

Stray Scanner App

Record RGB-D datasets from LiDAR enabled iOS devices using the Stray Scanner app.

Collecting RGB-D datasets from iPhone LiDAR scanner.
Cardboard box top surface detection.

Stray Python Library

The Stray Python library helps you work with the Stray scene data format and use your datasets in your projects.

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Get started

The Stray Toolkit is free to use. Install it by following the instructions here.