About us

We were frustrated with the time and effort it takes to build real robots that work.

Building modern robots is complicated. You have to deal with hardware. The algorithms involved are incredibly complex. There are many components that have to work together. The field is vast with all kinds of specializations.

We started Stray Robots to make things easier.

We believe you should be able to just install working packages. We believe you don't need to reinvent the wheel on every front. We believe you should focus on what matters for your life and business.

Is that too much to ask? We think not.


We come from a past of building working software in fast paced software engineering teams and doing cutting edge robotics research.

Kenneth Blomqvist - Robotics and Computer Vision

Kenneth Blomqvist

Experience: Robotics research at ETH Zürich, computer vision research at Aalto U, software engineering at Wolt, software engineering at Webflow, founder at Junction.

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Julius Hietala - Computer Vision and Robotics Engineer

Julius Hietala

Experience: Robotics and machine learning research at Aalto U, software engineering at Smartly.io, BizDev at Meru Health, founder at Junction.

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