3D Labeling, Supercharged

Create large scale ground truth 3D datasets for all your perception needs.

3D pallet detection and pose estimation from a point cloud.

Import your data

Import data from from your robot or from the Stray Scanner app.

Bring your data from ROS bags, images, video or proprietary formats.

Data from all your sensors get processed into a global 3D point cloud and mesh model.

Process datasets

Obtain point cloud and mesh reconstructions of the scene, along with optimized camera poses and parameters.

Annotate with ease

Use the Stray Studio 3D user interface to place labels directly into the scene. Bounding boxes, rectangles or keypoints.

Get your labels

Get 3D or 2D labels for each sensor stream and measurement. Obtain ground truth semantic object segmentations, 2D or 3D bounding boxes and more.

Get started

The Stray Toolkit is free to use. Install it by following the instructions here.

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