Stray CLI

Stray Command Line Interface provides a simple interface to harness the power of computer vision. It provides tools for sensor calibration, data annotation and model training.

Computer Vision at your fingertips

Stray CLI offers a wide range of computer vision capabilities including sensor calibration, data collection, data annotation, and model training and deployment, all within a simple command line interface.

Stray CLI is for everyone

You don't need to be a computer vision expert to use the Stray CLI. We have packaged everything in one simple tool for you to start fitting and deploying state-of-the-art computer vision solutions.

In computer vision, conceptually simple things can take days if not weeks to implement due to code implemented by non software developers and necessary resources being all over the internet with lacking documentation. Stray CLI saves you the hassle of diving deep into code and implementation details and lets you focus on what really matters to your research or business. We have standardized as much as possible to minimize the amount of moving parts.

Modular design

Stray CLI provides various subcommands for sensor calibration, data annotation, model training and integrates with the rest of the Stray software stack.

To produce the highest quality data for your applications you often can't trust the one size fits all sensor parameters provided by the manufacturer. The calibration command lets you find accurate parameters for your sensor.

The label command produces ground truth 2D data from 3D annotations made in Stray Studio. The label types include bounding boxes, keypoints, and semantic segmentation masks.

We provide a range of pretrained models for object detection and classification. With the model command you can fit and evaluate models such as the ones from the Detectron2 library or your custom models built with PyTorch or TensorFlow.

Seamless integration across tools

Whether you need to import data from Stray Scanner or use 3D annotations in model training from Stray Studio, the CLI has got you covered. Every aspect of the software stack has been designed with simplicity in mind and we provide extensive documentation on how the different parts play together.

Get Started

We have made Stray CLI available for the public. Install by following our installation instructions.